I have great tips for beginner to learn more about English. Lets try!!! dont affraid to make a mistake!

Tips for beginner
1. You are like a new baby
– Babies learn their language slowly
– First they learn to listen
– Then they learn to talk
– Finally they can read and write

2. Listen to English everyday
– listen to English radio
– watch English TV
– go to English movie
– use online lessons

3. Make an English / ESL Friend
– make up conversation
– Practice dialogs
– use a beginner textbook

4. Read English Stories
– start with children’s storybooks
– Try ESL readers
– read advertisements, sign and labels

5. Write down new words
– start a vocabulary (new word) notebook
– make an example sentences
– Always use an English- English dictionary first

6. Keep an English Diary
– Start with one sentence
– How do you feel?
– How is the weather?
– What did you do today?
– write another sentence for tomorrow

7. Visit an English Speaking Country
– learn English more quickly
– stay with an English family
– hear native speakers talk
– have a fun experience

English class on Wednesday by Mr. Ida Fajar Priyanto Industrial Engineering, Universitas Islam Indonesia.


3 thoughts on “HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH???

  1. Yang terpenting seperti yang sudah di sebutkan diawal … “jangan malu berkata salah”.
    Betapa banyak yg punya point cukup pada grammar, pronounce, perbendaharaan dll, pada akhirnya cuma sebatas point ‘cukup’. Dan yg mampu berbicara dengan cukup baik, ternyata punya keberanian bicara dan tak malu berkata salah.

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